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HDRC engages high profile experts and believes in self-management. We believe in 3Cs: Concern, Commitment, and Competence. We hire those who are concerned, have commitment and are competent enough to deal with the issues of concern.
We believe that good management entails, among other things, scientific planning of all phases of our work, precise and timely reporting, appropriate management, effective administrative procedures, and drawing of high quality professionals from wherever they are located. We believe in team-spirit. We adopt and adapt our hard earned professional experience in all sorts of research, training and other activities by applying the same skills, processes, knowledge, and experiences. HDRC's management approach has evolved from the best experiences of its large pool of experts. Our approach is to utilize the most competent persons available, give them up to date resources and support systems, set clear targets for their performance, and then apply appropriate mechanisms to ensure high quality output. We appraise our performance against specified objectives, and guidance is provided in technical and managerial areas as needed. We have found that this approach yields both well managed and cost effective completion of tasks.

HDRC follows a well-designed financial management system. In addition to its qualified accounts staff, HDRC maintains an external audit system through a reputed chartered accountant firm.


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